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5th annual conference

Unitary Patent &
Unified Patent Court 2017

The new Unitary Patent System on the launchpad

July 3, 2017


What is Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court conference?

This event takes part in the ongoing process for the implementation of the European patent system through a unitary patent and the establishment of the Unified Patent court.
This conference provides the audience with a taste of the latest news from the committees dealing with the preparation of the European patent with unitary effect and the UPC.


Wednesday July 3, 2018

8.30 am > 6 pm

European Patent Office

Isar building

Bob-van-Benthem-Platz 1
(formerly Erhardtstrasse 27)
80469 Munich

Price: € 299,00 1-28 February, 2018

Price 2: € 799,00 1-31 March, 2018
Price 3: € 799,00 1-30 April, 2018
Price 4: € 799,00 1-31 May, 2018
Price 5: € 799,00 1-30 June, 2018
Price 5: € 799,00 1-3 July, 2018

Unified Patent Court

Unitary Patent



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  • Feedback

    " Last week I spoke at a major conference hosted by the EPO in our Munich headquarters, convened to discuss the state of implementation of the Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court. "

    Benoît Battistelli

    European Patent Office
  • Feedback

    " Many thanks again from my end for the excellent organization of the event last week! I think everything went smoothly and the audience was quite interested in the topics. "

    Mirko Weinert

    Rechtsanwalt | Partner
  • Feedback

    " It has been a pleasure and a honor for me to attend and speak at this conference. "

    Sergio Lasca

    Head of IP - Patents & Know-How
    Pirelli Type S.p.A.
  • Feedback

    " It was also a pleasure for me to participate to this conference. "

    Jérôme Debrulle

    Director of intellectual Property Office
    Belgian Ministry of Economy
  • Feedback

    " The conference was excellent concerning the speeches as well as the organizational framework. I really enjoyed it being there. The speeches has given me some new thoughts about the Unified Patent Court and the European Patent with unitary effect. I seriously hope that the project will coninue as planned. "

    Prof. Jürgen Straub

  • Feedback

    " The meeting was a true success and was very exciting in spite of the political difficulties. Thanks for allowing me to participate. "

    Tobias Bremi

    Zweiter hauptamtlicher Richter
  • Feedback

    " It was a pleasure to participate and I found the program very interesting. "

    Maaike van Velzen

    Head of IP Portfolio Management
    Philips Intellectual Property and Standards
  • Feedback

    " It was really a pleasure and an honor for me to participate to the conference. "

    Paolo Markovina

    Patent Manager
  • Feedback

    " I thought the content and contributions were very good and people came and asked me questions afterwards which was useful. The catering was excellent, including Wednesday’s dinner, which suited me very well. "

    Liz Coleman

    Divisional Director
    UK’s Intellectual Property Office
    United Kingdom
  • Feedback

    " Thank you for inviting me to participate in this high-profile event. "

    Pr. Dr. Ansgar Ohly

    Prof. Dr. Jur LL.M (Cambridge)
    Munich University

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