€499 until 30 April

What is Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court conference?

This event takes part in the ongoing process for the implementation of the European patent system through a Unitary Patent and the establishment of the Unified Patent Court.
This conference provides the audience with a taste of the latest news from the committees dealing with the preparation of the European Patent with unitary effect and the UPC.


Tuesday July 3, 2018

8.50 am > 6 pm

European Patent Office

Isar building

Bob-van-Benthem-Platz 1
(formerly Erhardtstrasse 27)
80469 Munich

Price: € 299,00 1-28 February, 2018
Price 2: € 399,00 1-31 March, 2018
Price 3: € 499,00 1-30 April, 2018
Price 4: € 599,00 1-31 May, 2018
Price 5: € 699,00 1-30 June, 2018
Price 5: € 799,00 1-3 July, 2018

Special fare for EPO members and academics. Contact Charlotte Gindre

Main topics covered

  • Latest development with the Committees dealing with the preparation of the Unitary Patent

  • Current challenges stemming from the entry into force of the UPC

  • Latest news from the E.P.O.

  • Mock Trial: are the Judges ready?

  • Industry panel: Impact of the new Unitary Patent System on patent portfolios

  • Implications: Expected economic benefits of the Unitary Patent and the UPC

  • Cross-border litigation

Why should you attend?

  • Our delegates are provided with the latest news of the new European patent system and the impact of the future Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court in an uncertain political landscape oversea.

  • The speakers are carefully selected based on their knowledge and practical experience.

  • Diversity of views and opinion and focus on content is important to us.

  • The judges' expertise and practical cases from the industry shared with you in one day.

  • Interactive and straight to the point sessions where you can apply what you learned after the conference.

Who should attend?

  • Litigation Specialist

  • IP Attorney

  • Patent Attorney

  • Trademark Attorney

  • IP Consultant

  • IP Analyst

  • Institutions representatives

  • Patent litigators

  • European IP practitioners

  • IP owners

  • Patent portfolio managers

  • Key decision-makers

  • Members of international organisations

  • Chief Executive Officer


  • Chief Operating Officer

  • Chief Information Officer

  • Vice President Intellectual Property

  • Chief Legal Officer

  • Legal Director

  • Chief Counsel

  • IP Counsel

  • Head of Patents

  • Head of Trademarks

  • Head of Design

  • Head of European Affairs

  • Intellectual Assets Manager

  • Anti Counterfeiting Manager

  • IP Lawyer

  • IP Counsel



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